IBANEZ RGT 42DXFX GUITAR w Dimarzio Pickups UPGRADED KOREAThis is a NECK THRU CONSTRUCTION wich is the best sustain and most solid a guitar can get.Better than a bolt on or a set neck. This guitar rocks so hard I hate to sell it but I have a problem with collecting guitars and I have so many right now. Especially if I see a good deal and have a little extra money. Anyway the price is a great value to anyone that knows what is going on with guitars.I am surprised someone has not snatched this up quickly.That is OK because hopefully someone that will appreciate this will buy it or maybe I will change my mind and keep it and sell one of my other guitars. Package includes, Guitar, Guitar Case and upgraded humbucker pickups Dimarzio.The case alone cost over 120 dollars and the pickups are over 200

dollars dont miss out on this awesome deal Amazing condition. Solid build. Frets and neck are great and barely used. Minor nick on edge near pickup selector switch and light scuffs/marks on back, shiny area on the front from resting finger. Ibanez M100C Hardshell Guitar Case for RG is included, one rubber foot came off. It is inside the case. Easy fix.Case is also in great shape. I take very good care of my things and most people think it is a new guitar. Truss rod cover was missing but I installed one, not a perfect fit but close, I ordered it for an Ibanez RG but it was a little off. I only have on screw holding it on and it is fine, I have two extra screws in the case and also the little rubber foot that fell off the case. Both are an easy fix. This guitar is a metal machine and if you shred you will be happy - with its thin Wizard II neck you will play fast! I have owned many guitars and this guitar is just as good or better than most guitars double or triple the price. I felt it as soon as I played it. SPECIFICATIONS UPGRADED PICKUPS TO DIMARZIO SUPER DISTORTION ON THE BRIDGE AND PAF PRO ON THE NECK - Neck scale is 25.5" - WIzard II neck very thin - Body: Mahogany with neck thru body construction - Rosewood Fingerboard - Pickups: two Dimarzio Humbuckers - 5 way switch, tuners are Ibanez made - Bridge: Fixed Bridge - Inlays: Deluxe Sharktooth Abalone Pearl - Finish is Satin Black: very stealthy It is Double Boxed and very well protected for shipping, I also will insure the item.

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