Aerial Acoustics model 9 speaker. Cherry Finish.
Aerial Acoustics model 9 speaker. Cherry Finish.

Sunny Components Inc, USA 1370 E Cypress St, Ste D. Covina, CA-91724. 626-966-6259. Store Demo in Cherry. I also have new speakers for $8500.00 We have center channels available also. We are Sunny Components a Premiere Aerial Acoustic Dealer in Los Angeles Ca in Covina. The Aerial Acoustics Model 9 presents itself with confidence. The subtle angularity of each slender loudspeaker column conveys an architectural spirit that is complemented by an astonishingly dynamic, forthright, and wonderfully full-range sound. The graceful, impeccably finished pillar of the Model 9 is ideally suited for listening environments where uncompromising performance and quality are essential and a refined, contemporary appearance is valued. Together with its transparent, open, natural character, the Model 9 exhibits

a particularly spacious sound field, with an excellent sense of depth and focus. Bass is taut, fully extended, and is communicated with power and authority. Upper frequencies are airy, clear, and remarkably smooth. Both music and film soundtracks are faithfully rendered with honesty, dynamic ease, and abundant detail. All Aerial loudspeaker systems are designed and constructed with fanatical attention to quality and detail. Decades of design and manufacturing experience have taught us that craftsmanship and technology go hand-in-hand when creating products of uncompromising performance and genuine long-term value. World class manufacturing techniques and production equipment are employed, complemented by the work of skilled craftsmen when only experienced hands will do. Aerial Acoustics. Every detail matters.

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